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Call for Collaboration on National Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) Conference

National Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) Conference “Integrated and Coordinated Actions for competitive and inclusive Agriculture Development” For the overall development of agricultural sector, the Government of Nepal has prepared Agriculture Development Strategy 2015 2030 (ADS) and is under implementation. ADS was prepared with through close consultation and the active participation of 13 development partners, the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee of the then Parliament, wider array of experts, farmers and other relevant stakeholders. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) is going to organize an extensive National Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) Conference in March 2020 (proposed) in the view of its review in 5 years time as stipulated in the ADS itself and concurrently the country has adopted the federal system on the political front. The ADS has also a provision that the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister has the role to chair the annual ADS conference. For the presentation in this conference, research papers are solicited from the policy makers, academics, development partners (DPs), independent researchers and experts in varieties of fields centering around the scope of agriculture. Of the received papers, selected papers exhibiting the rigor of empiricism on the subject matter will be published in the Journal of Agriculture and Environment as a special issue.

So, the MoALD requests all interested entities wishing to collaborate in this conference to send their brief proposal/ expression of interest indicating the area of interest and necessary documents including registration, experience letter of the relevant works to the Agriculture Development Division, ADS Section of the ministry physically or electronically. (;

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